New America




UX Researcher and Designer


The U.S. has over 8 million green card holders who are eligible for naturalization, and yet they don’t take action. Our team’s goal was to learn about barriers, triggers and motivations, and propose and test product and service ideas that could encourage immigrants to apply for citizenship.

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In a team of 2 UX designers and researchers and one technologist, we created a research plan and interview guides. We conducted our own recruitment with help from immigration non-profits and Facebook Ads, aiming to interview at least 30 immigrants in 4 US major urban centers. We focused our research methods to attempt to uncover conscious and unconscious barriers, catalysts and motivations to making the decision to naturalize.

Research Execution

We exceeded our expectations, having conducted 63 in-depth interviews, spoken with over 20 subject-matter experts, conducted a survey with 117 people, completed 22 testing sessions, with immigrants from 12 locations. A first round of remote and in-person interviews focused on triggers, barriers and motivations. Having learned about some barriers to naturalization, we created and tested a prototype for a mobile app that intended to help eligible immigrants to collect the information required to complete the naturalization application.

Synthesis and Reporting

As a team, we developed a report with insights, user journeys, and recommendations intended for immmigration non-profits to better assist and encourage their clients to apply for naturalization. 

Naturalization Journey: Visa Stress

Naturalization Journey: from arrival to US Citizenzhip

Mobile Prototype: Naturalization Task List

Citizenship Mobile App Prototype