Lead UX Designer


Create an iPhone app prototype to explore how expense management for small businesses could be made simple and fun. This exploration was meant to be a light version of the expense management application by Infor for medium and large businesses.


Leading formal and informal user research, I discovered that expense reporting is annoying because people tend to procrastinate doing it until credit card bills start to arrive. Then they forget about expenses, misplace receipts, and give wrong or insufficient information leading to slow reimbursement. Our team (product manager, a creative director and a visual designer) concluded that if there was a way for people to save expenses on-the-go and then complete and submit the report later, they would get a stream of consistent rewards that improves the expense reporting process overall.

Conceptual Design

I created use cases and explored designs with gestures, which could make expense reporting more pleasant, turning it into a habit. I documented it in annotated wireframes and, collaborating with a visual designer, evolved the design into visual comps and continued to fine-tune the gestures.

Prototyping and Testing

A developer coded an iOS prototype based on the visual designs and the gestures documented in the wireframes. We then tested and iterated on the gestures to make sure they were intuitive — for example, making sure the interface wasn’t too “touchy-feely” and the actions connected to an object could be found.

Annotated Wireframes
Annotated Wireframes
Visual Designs
Manager Desktop Wireframe
Manager Desktop Visual Design